Episode 55

Eating Disorders and Diabetes with Prue

“I was a little girl really struggling. I would ring home in tears, I would end every phone call with my mother saying, Mum I love you. And I couldn’t end the phone call until she’d said it back.”

Prue was sent to boarding school at age 10 and she was lonely, sad and desperate to return home. Age 12 she became anorexic and was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic.

“In my mind I thought this is it. This will be the end of this misery but that was not the case. I came home only to be sent back again. I hit rock bottom. I'd lost all control. I think eating disorders are heavily linked with control. I felt like I was in chaos.

Prue has spent many years dealing with her eating disorder behaviours and diabetes, manipulating one to hide the other but her discomfort has eased with age  and motherhood.

Prue has never spoken about her eating disorders before and she is keen to share how eating disorder behaviours can impact one’s life while juggling a long term health condition. 

Prue wishes to remain anonymous.

I described Prue as brave, and courageous but she preferred,  truthful. She is more than the sum of all these. This is a must listen. 


  • [05:00] - Anorexia age 12
  • [14:00] - Diabetes presentation
  • [28:30] - ED’S lessen
  • [36:40] - Over Exercising


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