Episode 24

Food, Nutrition and Fertility with Sally Dixon

Sally Dixon aka The Fertility Chef has had an interesting relationship with food.

As a young child, she regularly enjoyed restaurants with her parents.

At fifteen Sally stopped eating. Months later and to the relief of her worried parents Sally saved them further upset when she declared herself “too thin” in some holiday snaps. And she began to eat again.

As a student Sally eschewed making food in the shared, and grubby collegiate kitchen for meals from a tin. Even later, working in the fashion industry meant long hours and even shorter meals.

But it was when Sally ran her own business under 24/7 pressures that she perfected her non-intake of non-food, opting instead for a protein shake or snack bar.

In 2016, Sally underwent two, unsuccessful, IVF cycles and for the first time began to examine the relationship between food/nutrition and fertility. It was the wake up call she needed. Join me to hear about Sally’s thoughts on food, nutrition and fertility experiences. 


[06:00] - Food Intolerances

[11:00] -  Too thin, turning point

[15:50] - Low Fat Era

[31:00] - Grandmother’s Green’s


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Website: www.thefertilitychef.co.uk


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