Episode 22

Healing Food Disorders Through Music and Sound with Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall is a singer/songstress and sound therapist. She was only seven when sent to boarding school and attributes her career to not only “healing the experiences” she had then, but also helping her navigate through life’s challenges.

Significantly, during her teens, Tallulah caught glandular fever, which made her instantly allergic to a long list of foods coupled with multiple physical symptoms. She was often defeated by her weakened immune system and digestive issues caused by endless antibiotics.

Later, on tour in Australia, she collapsed from hypoglycemia caused by the rigors of being on the road, poor nutrition and not looking after herself. It was the shock and wake-up call Tallulah needed for better health and listening to her body.

Tune in to hear Tallulah’s inspiring healing journey through music and sound.


  • [02:10] - Allergic to everything
  • [15:27] - Why Tallulah didn’t develop an eating disorder 
  • [23:00] - Gong baths
  • [30:00] - Politics around food 


Instagram: @talullahrendall

Website: tallulahrendall.com


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