Episode 62

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Trauma and Over-exercise with Patrick Spring

Trigger Warning: This episode has mentions of understanding calories in regards to units of energy.

“The body doesn’t know the difference between chemical, physical and emotional stress.”

Patrick is a top level Muscle Activation Techniques RX practitioner and trainer with over 20 years experience across the globe. He is also the author of Health and Fitness Perspective. 

MAT is relatively new but certain countries have realised its value  and are sending their doctors, physiotherapists and colleagues to the USA for accreditation. 

It’s that good!

I was very excited to be introduced to Patrick and MAT and the fact that he has a clinic on my doorstep is a win-win. 

“If you think about those primitive states when we needed to be in fight, flight or freeze today we’re in these situations with emotions and stresses eliciting these responses. We’re living life like we’re running from a sabre toothed tiger when we’re not, and our body and brain are saying, "Oh my gosh, this is what is upon us!”

MAT deals with trauma and how the body holds the score. If you exercise, overexercise, live with pain, want to lower inflammation, find ease and strength where there is none and wish to inhabit your body in a healthy nourished way which so many of us  do then this episode is for you. 

Or if you just want to listen to an awesome, entertaining and highly interesting chat with Patrick and myself  tune in too. Like I said in the episode MAT needs to be available for everyone. 


  • [10:00] - What does MAT address?
  • [19:17] - Pursuit of physical transformations
  • [27:00] - Effects on musculature and the body when deprived of food or over-exercised
  • [34:00] - Deep dive into MAT



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