Episode 68

On A Mission To Dismantle Diet Culture with Sabrina Magnan

Sabrina’s pivotal moment around her disordered eating and orthorexia happened when she became an aunt for the first time.

“It should've been the happiest day of my life and all I remember is the food. I spent the entire day around the buffet table because my Mom had caterers and we had all this food I didn’t allow myself to eat.

I kept filling my plate up and then going back for more to a point that I felt so sick… that night I sat in my parent’s basement, I felt so miserable, cold and unhappy and I asked myself, ‘do I want to keep living this way when I’m 50, 60, 70-years old?’”.

Today, Sabrina is on a mission to dismantle diet culture.

Her food and body issues started when Sabrina was a young girl training in synchronised swimming - a judged sport where image dictates success. Her disordered thinking and behaviour around food and her body continued post university until a wake up call, which motivated Sabrina to embrace her fears and move to Italy for a life changing experience. 

This is an empowering, feel good episode due to Sabrina’s vulnerability and candid storytelling that will resonate with all of our listeners. It’s always good to hear when someone has saved themselves and is loving life. Tune in!


  • [02:46] - Impact of Body Image in Synchronised Swimming
  • [03:22] - Sabrina's Struggle with Body Image
  • [08:42] - Transition from Swimming to University
  • [16:26] - Battle with Orthorexia
  • [21:50] - Reflections on Diet Culture
  • [26:17] - The Illusion of Control and Happiness
  • [27:07] - The Impact of Food Obsession on Social Life
  • [28:40] - Struggling with Eating Disorders
  • [28:58] - A Wake-Up Call in the Basement
  • [30:24] - The Life-Changing Trip to Italy
  • [39:48] - The Transition from Weight Loss Coach to Intuitive Eating Advocate
  • [53:01] - The Mission to Dismantle Diet Culture



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