Episode 66

A Take on Nutrition and Learning to Embrace Food with Nicola Moore

“Within my first few weeks of practicing people were coming in to see me who wanted a restrictive diet. It didn't make sense. I was concerned about people’s relationship with food… I decided what I wanted to do from the beginning was speak above that noise. I didn’t see it working for people all I saw was it making people more unwell and feeling anxious and fearful around food and that troubled me.”

Growing up food was functional and Nicola didn’t look forward to eating due to some underlying digestive issues. 

Everything changed when she started her nutritional studies at Patrick Holford’s Optimum School of Nutrition and later went into private practice.  

Nicola embraces both the psychology and physiology of food and believes you cannot have one without the other. This approach helps her clients develop an easy and joyful relationship with food and eating.  

Nicola is a trailblazer in her field and keen for the nutritional industry to take responsibility for, sometimes, perpetuating the very problems that people are trying to solve. 

Tune in for a fascinating discussion related to food and nutrition and slightly away from the norm.


  • [01:30] - Nicola's Personal Relationship with Food
  • [08:20] - Nicola's Journey into Nutritional Therapy
  • [21:09] - The Impact of Diet Culture and Social Media
  • [25:20] - Approach to Helping Clients with Rigid Food Beliefs
  • [28:20]- Cognitive Reframing and Food Perception
  • [30:28] - Understanding Emotions and Hunger
  • [30:58] - The Role of Food in Our Lives
  • [31:54] - The Destructive Force of Willpower
  • [32:42] - Eating for Your Microbiome
  • [33:36] - The Efficacy of Diet Plans
  • [38:17] - The Role of Nutrition Professionals
  • [42:00] - The Perceived Perfectionism in the Nutrition Industry
  • [46:05] - The Importance of Self-Love and Balance



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