Episode 65

Our Festive Gift to You: Dogs, Food and Canine Behavioural Issues with Laura Doherty

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This is our festive gift to you all as we know how much (like us) you love your dogs!  

Laura Doherty is a dog trainer and behaviourist who uses force free and reward based methods only. 

Our dog Bella thinks Laura is her Mum even though I’ve told Bella her Mum is a  spaniel.

We had great fun recording; hyped on coffee with the sun beating through the windows on a cold winter’s morning and Bella lying at Laura’s feet saying, ‘please take me with you!’.

We covered dogs and food, dogs barking at the table, dog calming methods, learning dog language, how to teach your dog new behaviours and tons more. 

We hope you have a fantastic festive break and spend some quality downtime with your loved ones. We’ll be back with another episode on January 2nd, 2024!


  • [01:25] - Understanding Human-Dog Relationships
  • [02:04] - Exploring Laura's Relationship with Food
  • [04:57] - Dog's Eating Habits
  • [08:14] - The Role of Food in Dog's Behaviour
  • [11:29] - The Impact of Human Food Habits on Dogs
  • [20:46] - The Importance of Natural Chews for Dogs
  • [25:33] - Understanding Dog's Behaviour and Reinforcement
  • [49:10] - Recognising Signs of Discomfort in Dogs
  • [50:12] - The Importance of Safety for Dogs
  • [53:41] - Favourite Foods: A Fun Discussion



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