Episode 70

Anorexia: A Mother’s Perspective with Lorraine

“I sometimes feel that the eating disorder has tried to trick me. To feel that we’re getting somewhere and then that door shuts. I feel it morphs itself into something different.”

I have wanted to interview a mother with a child who has an eating disorder ever since I started this podcast.

Lorraine’s daughter is now in her early 30’s. Her eating disorder behaviour began when she was 15. It’s been a long hard slog for the entire family, but today they are in a better place.

This is an intimate and raw episode. Listening to Lorraine’s perspective is heartbreaking at times, but I think it’s essential for sufferers and supporters alike.

Tune in.


  • [02:52] - Lorraine's Childhood and Family's Relationship with Food
  • [06:08] - Lorraine's Daughter's Struggle with Anorexia
  • [10:53] - The Impact of Anorexia on the Family
  • [17:13] - Seeking Help and Navigating the Healthcare System
  • [25:25] - Reflections on Parenting and Coping with a Child's Eating Disorder
  • [27:20] - Dealing with Guilt and Emotional Struggles
  • [28:11] - Finding Humour in Difficult Times
  • [29:19] - Impact on Personal Relationships
  • [30:34] - The Struggles of Parenting a Child with an Eating Disorder
  • [31:52] - The Journey of Separating the Disorder from the Person
  • [33:44] - The Power of Support Networks
  • [34:34] - The Role of Therapy and Interventions
  • [36:42] - The Struggles of Maintaining a Relationship Amidst the Disorder
  • [45:14] - The Power of Hope and Persistence


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