Episode 71

From Eating Disorder to Self-Love with Flurina Dominique Thali

“I always said I’m recovering from eating difficulties and eating disorders. When I realised it’s much less about recovering, but about uncovering I started to call my journey the uncovering journey.” 

Flurina is an osteopath, dancer and creator of The Breathing Body Podcast.

When Flurina was eleven she had an idea that being thin would make her happier. This random thought caused years of disordered eating and exercise.  As time passed Flurina’s double life proved exhausting - bright and sunny on the outside, but internally, sad and depressed. 

She sought treatment/support but nothing changed until she read Dr Anita Johnston’s book Eating in the LIght of the Moon. 

Finally, she began to heal as she reconnected with her “miraculous’ physical body.  

Flurina believes, as we do at Love This Food Thing, that eating disorders and behaviours when properly understood and explored can be powerful healing tools.

P.S. Apologies for a technical issue regarding sound quality until 15.31 — all good after that!


  • [01:12] - Flurina's Journey with Eating Disorders
  • [02:10] - The Turning Point: Uncovering vs Recovering
  • [14:58] - The Double Life of an Eating Disorder
  • [20:46] - The Struggle with Self-Worth
  • [21:30] - The Triggering Environment of Dance
  • [22:39] - The Start of Self-Healing
  • [26:05] - Embracing the Embodied Approach to Recovery
  • [26:58] - The Realisation: It's Not About the Food
  • [27:17] - Entering the Creative Process
  • [28:19] - The Grief Phase of Healing
  • [32:23] - The Role of Support in Recovery
  • [34:15] - The Transition from Dance to Osteopathy
  • [36:16] - The Power of Saying 'Yes' to Life



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