Episode 73

Answering Your Questions about Eating Disorders with Jemma Richards

Eating Disorders are a broad church. We all have our stories to tell and unique perspectives to share.

I believe that eating disorders are physical symptoms of internal distress with notable exceptions - sufferers with ARFID, varying shades of autism and ADHD, there are probably more - but mostly from my own experience and what I hear from others, it’s about manifesting stuff, “out there” because of an inability to deal with, for whatever reason, what is, “in here.” 

I also believe in everyone’s potential to recover and that recovery is not for the faint hearted - meaning it takes work, commitment and courage to embrace and explore our, “shadow lands and selves.”

I loved making this episode. It felt like a real privilege to answer some of your questions. I had much more to say, especially around shame and secrecy - maybe we can explore that next time. 

Thank you for listening and for your continued support!

DISCLAIMER: Jemma is not a therapist or ED counsellor. The opinions and views shared within this episode are based on Jemma’s personal experience suffering with Eating Disorders/ behaviours for over two decades.


  • [00:30] - Jemma’s Personal Journey with Eating Disorders
  • [05:16] - The Impact of Eating Disorders on Relationships
  • [15:54] - Exploring the Connection Between Eating Disorders and Veganism
  • [24:25] - Overcoming the Fear of Recovery
  • [26:20] - Building New Neural Pathways for Recovery
  • [27:33] - Understanding the Force Behind Eating Disorders
  • [29:22] - Exploring the Fear of Being 'Bigger'
  • [30:09] - Dealing with Life's Challenges Beyond Eating Disorders
  • [32:32] - The Power of Breathing and Grounding Techniques
  • [33:33] - Practising Flexibility and Relinquishing Control
  • [34:54] - Writing a Positive Counter Story
  • [37:01] - Understanding the Concept of Quasi Recovery
  • [42:26] - Recognizing Full Recovery
  • [45:03] - Final Thoughts and Wrap Up


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