Episode 72

Transforming Your Health and Habits with Steve Brenner

Steve is a nutritionist and owner of the Mind Muscle Clinic.

“Trying to educate people that it isn’t as difficult as it may seem, a lot of people who have come to me as a client dread it… but once they see the benefits it becomes a new habit. A new way of life."

On one level, the “it” Steve talks about is health and fitness but on another, he’s alluding to the courage and motivation it takes to change what no longer serves you. 

Steve transformed his life.

He gave up a stressful non-stop business, retrained and went from 24 stone to 18 stone in 12-months. Motivated by his desire to be a “great Dad”, gave him focus but Steve is also one of those people who just gets on with what needs to be done. I found his no nonsense approach inspiring. He now helps others, who share a similar story, transform.

DISCLAIMER: We talk about fat loss and diet, albeit in a benign way, but only in relation to Steve’s story and not as a prescription for anyone else. 


  • [03:26] - Steve's Childhood and Early Relationship with Food
  • [14:03] - Steve's Wake Up Call and Decision to Change
  • [15:46] - Steve's Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer
  • [21:10] - Steve's Diet Transformation and New Relationship with Food
  • [24:11] - Transitioning from Processed Foods to Whole Foods
  • [30:18] - The Impact of Fitness on Personal Confidence and Life
  • [33:29] - The Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety
  • [40:35] - Breaking Bad Habits and Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle
  • [42:36] - Body Image and Fitness Culture Among Men
  • [43:37] - Nourishing the Next Generation: Teaching Kids about Healthy Eating



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