Episode 64

Autism and Anorexia with Livia Sara

Welcome to Season Seven.

Our first guest, Livia Sara, is an autism advocate, writer and creator of the Liv Label Free Podcast. 

Liv says: 

“I like to compare the autism spectrum to the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS)

We have all these different rays, x-rays, gamma rays… what I love about the EMS there are so many rays we cannot perceive with the human eye but that doesn’t make these rays less powerful. 

We can’t always see autism, autism does not have a look but autistic people are incredibly powerful.”

Liv found out she was autistic when she was 20, after years of treatment for what health care professionals assumed was anorexia. But when Liv read Asper Girls by Rudy  Simone and met with an early coaching client, her world fell into place. 

This is a must listen for anyone with autistic loved ones struggling with food or needing insight or just with a curiosity about autism. 

Liv brings light to what is a pretty gruelling early life with her gorgeous humour, insight and candour. Liv returns later in the season for an all things autistic chat.


  • [01:08] - Understanding autism and Liv’s personal experience
  • [04:04] - Childhood eating habits and relationship with food
  • [08:42] - Eating disorder, treatment and diagnosis
  • [28:16] - The turning point and getting help
  • [28:36] - Treatment in the United States
  • [29:32] - The importance of self-decision in recovery
  • [33:07] - Starting a coaching business
  • [38:10] - Understanding the link between autism and eating disorders
  • [40:27] - The Future: Plans for a new book
  • [41:52] - Changing the conversation about eating disorders
  • [44:34] - Reflecting on the journey



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