Episode 28

Eating Disorders with the Founder of Altum Health, Dr Courtney Raspin

“Food is joyful, sensual, fulfilling and stimulating. I think it is one of life’s primary and biggest pleasures.”

Courtney hails, originally, from Texas but spent her formative years in Los Angeles training as a dancer and modelling.

Not surprisingly body issues dominated, and within her family, great emphasis was placed on physicality.

Basing her value as a person on her outward appearance affected Courtney’s mental health but everything fell into place when she swapped dance training for a career in psychology.

Courtney moved to London and worked in an NHS Eating Disorder Service team. This foundational training and experience inspired her to create Altum Health – a private therapy led practice providing care and support for anyone suffering with eating disorders and body issues.

You can find Courtney at Altum Health on Upper Woburn Place in Central London and listen to her sharing her knowledge and expertise on eating disorders and plenty more in this episode.



Altum Health Website

Instagram: @altum_health


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