Episode 29

Binge Eating Disorder and Grief with Lizzie Ackerley

Growing up in a small, parochial town Lizzie felt like an outsider, as if she didn’t belong.

At school she viewed her body in a functional way – good for sports - not how it might appear to others and when critical comments were made she became bulimic. 

When Lizzie went to University and found her “tribe” the bulimia stopped. 

Lizzie spent time working as a model, despite the scrutiny, she felt empowered. But when her Mum died, after a short illness Lizzie was heart-broken. She began to binge in secret.

For the next few years Lizzie kept her binge eating disorder hidden while maintaining a happy façade although inside she was very distressed. One day Lizzie decided enough was enough and enrolled onto a coaching programme with Chase Life Consulting - how to Overcome Binge Eating run by Rachel and David Godfrey. 

Lizzie credits the course with changing her life. 

Join me and find out how Lizzie transformed her eating habits and why she no longer feels the need to hide. 




N1 Gym


Check out their website and courses here.

Rachel Godfrey @athleticfox

David Godfrey @dxgodfrey


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