Episode 18

Exercise Addiction, Disordered Eating and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea with Sarah Liz King

Sarah Liz King was a straight ‘A’, high achieving, show jumping and dressage competing kid. This mentality served her well until a digestive issue had her cutting out food groups and later, while training for the bodybuilding, “bikini class”, in the grip of a serious exercise addiction

“The smaller I got, the unhappier I got, and the smaller my life became.” 

Exhausted, trapped and in a downward spiral, Sarah reached out for help.  With the right support she was able to unwind and, finally, recover. 

Today Sarah is Health at Every Size (HAES) Exercise Physiologist specializing in hypothalamic amenorrhea and runs a thriving coaching practice and podcast.

Join me to hear how Sarah turned her life around and thrived.


  • [02:30] - Food is friend. Former foe.
  • [11:30] - Exercise addiction/bodybuilding
  • [20:00] - Sarah’s Recovery
  • [30:48] - Hear about Sarah’s work especially Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


Instagram: @sarahlizking

Website: sarahlizking.com

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