Episode 19

Kicking The Junk Food, Fitness and TRX with Jay Brockway

When Jay was tiny he spat out the food prepared by his Mum. As he grew, despite her best efforts, Jay would only eat processed food. He was, he says, “an absolute nightmare!”

His Mum, keen for Jay to eat, filled the cupboards with chicken nuggets, pizza and spaghetti hoops, which Jay washed down with vast quantities of Dr Pepper.

This heady combination kept him going at school and on the football field until one day Jay gave up his dreams of a professional football career and moved to London for a Personal Training course.

For the first time Jay learnt about nutrition. 

The lights were on! Food was fuel and Jay needed to train and eat well to achieve his goals.

Today, Jay is Director of Trainer Development at TRX UK and an athletic machine. Join me to hear how he did it and now maintains it.  


  • [02:40] - Food as enemy
  • [13:00] - Jay finds new way of eating
  • [24:00] - Going to restaurants
  • [40:00] - Bit of TRX


Instagram: @trxtraining, @jaybrockwaytrx & @nikoandjay

Website: club.trxtraining.com


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