Episode 31

Food Balance, Regular Eating and Exercise with Jamie Bourne

Compared to his younger brothers and school friends, Jamie was a ‘chubby kid’ who always wanted larger portions. At home, his parents made healthy, wholesome food, which meant Jamie ate well and freely. Today, he enjoys a well-nuanced relationship with food and his body.

Jamie liked sport but when he went to University he fell in love with the gym and lifting weights.

Initially pursuing a career in PR Jamie enjoyed socialising and office culture but his diet and exercise suffered.

Later on, work felt unfulfilling. He changed jobs several times; chasing an elusive spark but the feeling of “floating along” remained until one day he burnt out.

Right before the Pandemic, Jamie enrolled on a Personal Training (PT) course and when lockdown took hold, he was made redundant but he was finally free to pursue his dream and the work he loves.

Join me to hear Jamie talk about balance; learning and how great it feels to start again.


  • [02:11 ] - Food is friend
  • [15:50] - Changes his look
  • [24:50] - Unfulfilled with life
  • [29:55] - Training menopausal women





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