Episode 30

Pre Vegan(s) and Veganism with Sean Russell

Sean was an overweight child, maybe because of his parents' divorce. One of Sean’s fondest food memories growing up is the Burger King, and Pizza Hut treats given him by his Mum who was a single parent.

Sean’s life took off when he started his career in media production. Overnight all focus on food lessened, although being in the public eye brought certain pressures, which were reflected in his fluctuating weight and varied exercise regimes.

When Sean first encountered veganism he took it on as a personal challenge liking that it was hard to do but finding it difficult to sustain.

Fast-forward a few years and Sean re-committed to a vegan lifestyle. This time his motives were purely ethical and his experience entirely different.

Veganism allows Sean to live a compassionate and conscious life. For him it is the only way.

Today Sean is also a dedicated vegan advocate and promoter. He is the founder of SoFloVegans - representing the vegan community in South Florida and the author of Pre Vegans; ten inspiring stories from prominent vegans about how and why they started their vegan journey.

Join me, be inspired by Sean, and understand why he loves all things vegan.


  • [07:50] - Angry Eating
  • [13:00] - Finds veganism
  • [22:25] - Effects from veganism
  • [34:40] - Sean’s book Pre Vegans





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