Episode 58

Healing Mind Body and Spirit with Sarah Joseph and Five Element Acupuncture

“The things that we do (and the behaviours that we take on) to cover our wound and our shadow can be complete masks. Sometimes when you ask someone how are you they will say, I’m fine. I have to go by their colour, sound, odour, emotion and pulses to understand what’s going on.”

Sarah takes great pleasure in food, although in the past IBS caused her enough stress to render daily living unbearable. But when she encountered acupuncture for the first time, her life changed for the better.

Sarah describes her initial experience as “magic” which propelled her onto a new career path as a Five Element Acupuncturist and later Herbalist.  

Today, Sarah runs her acupuncture practice in London, UK. Her work is informed by her studies in contemplative psychology and she believes in treating the individual rather than chasing symptoms.

Sarah also acts as a regional group coordinator for the British Acupuncture Council.

During this episode Sarah explains Five Element Acupuncture and offers us her unique view regarding the self and our relationship with the mind, body and spirit in modern life. 

She is one of life’s natural healers.

If you’re able to see Sarah in person then do. Or tune into this episode with your favourite brew.


  • [10:55] - Microbiome and the Brain
  • [18:40] - Five Element Acupuncture
  • [23:45] - The body keeps the score
  • [32:44] - Semantics around mental health and addiction



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