Episode 57

The Eating Disorder Voice with Sarah Roberts and Phoebe Dale

Sarah Roberts and Phoebe Dale are trainee clinical psychologists completing their Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Lancaster University.

Sarah and Phoebe's area of research is around the “eating disorder voice” - that critical inner voice particular to eating disorders and often missed by eating disorder support services in favour of traditional ‘weight restoring’ methods. It has only recently, in the last decade, even been considered as valid.

Sarah and Phoebe want this to change and for the eating disorder voice to be heard, listened to and expressed creatively, be it a story, a song or a picture and to play a key part in the recovery of anyone suffering with eating disorders/behaviours.

We think this episode is particularly helpful if you are a young person suffering with an ED or for a parent or carer of someone with an ED. 

Get involved with their research because it’s important and valid.

Hats off to you Sarah and Phoebe!


  • [04:12] - Narratives around eating and the body 
  • [22:25] - The eating disorder voice (EDV)
  • [14:50] - Comparisons
  • [33:45] - Phoebe and Sarah’s research


Sarah and Phoebe are completing research that explores voice hearing with young women who have or had an eating disorder and they’d love to hear YOUR story!

They’re hosting a webinar on Zoom on 4th July, 2023 - 7pm-8:30pm (GMT). Emma Paxton, a live illustrator will be joining the webinar to capture the discussions of the group in a visual creative piece which will be shared with attendees after the webinar. 

You can take part if:

  • You identify as a woman
  • You are aged 16-25 years old
  • You have experienced hearing voices during an eating disorder

 Email s.roberts7@lancaster.ac.uk to book a place onto the webinar.

They are also gathering individual stories – so if you prefer to share your story through creative means, e.g. artwork, poetry, written or spoken piece, without attending the webinar. You can submit your piece via this link. 


EDV Study Instagram Page


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