Episode 4

Stuck in a Bulimic and Anorexic Cycle After Years of Bullying with Maali Khan-Stokes

Maali was bullied at school and became bulimic when she was a teen. Her love of performing kept her sane but at home her ‘perfect’ Mum and older sister added to the mix. 

Maali veers between not eating and binging. Sometimes, when she’s busy she forgets but most days are a constant battle. She’s not ready to stop her behaviours, however harmful, because right now... they help. 

Listen to Maali’s candid overview on what led her to this place.

Episode Timestamps:

  • [03:58]- Being bullied from 6-18 years old
  • [06:48] - Bulimia and body discomfort
  • [10:05] - Parents and perfect sister
  • [15:20] - Burst blood vessel, self-hate and shame
  • [20:30] - What Maali’s bulimia means and the effects
  • [24:43] - Therapy, friends, Maali moves away
  • [37:38] - The Maali Pot
  • [43:47] - The Five Foods Maali would take to an island

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