Episode 3

Making Peace with Bullying, Bulimia, and Shame with Jane Perry

Jane Perry was brought up in suburban Canada.

As a child she experienced conflict around food. When her best friend’s Mums’ said, “You’re too fat to play with our daughters” the scene was set for bulimia, over- exercise and shame.

Now fully recovered and a successful actor, feelings of shame and not being good enough still arise, especially, in front of the camera. 

In this episode, hear the myriad ways Jane manages her issues and how her love of acting saves the day. 

Episode Timestamps:

  • [02:00] - Using food as a reward
  • [08:55] - “Too fat to play with our daughters” 
  • [13:00] - Bulimic at 14 years old
  • [14:35] - Acting saves the day
  • [17:30] - Dealing with shame
  • [31:00] - Over-exercising
  • [36:30] - Food politics
  • [38:26] - Jane’s Five Foods she would take to an island

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