Episode 1

Welcome to This Food Thing and Jemma’s Story

My first guest of the season, Roger Lloyd-Thompson, plays interviewer and asks ME about my eating disorders.

It seems only fair if I am to expect the same from others. Eating disorders are difficult to talk about, however recovered. 

I believe that eating disorders are about unmanageable feelings. Once we stop the physical behaviours what do we do with them? 

I hope these conversations shed light in dark corners, prompt debate and, at best, heal.

Episode Timestamps:

  • [01:50] - How my story begins
  • [08:20] - Childhood memories, golden syrup and skinny legs
  • [24:30] - Bulimia
  • [28:14] - Anorexia
  • [32:00] - Therapy and tough love
  • [38:00] - Pivotal moment of recovery
  • [40:00] - Sitting with feelings
  • [47:00] - Getting better

Thank you for listening!

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About the Podcast

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Love This Food Thing
A series of conversations around experiences with food, eating disorders and recovery.