Episode 2

Overcoming Struggles with Bulimia, Alcohol and Self-acceptance with Roger Lloyd-Thompson

Roger recalls how his Dad’s comment, “Roger you’re getting a spare tyre”, helped set him up for a painful and profound relationship with his body until a life-changing conversation with a Robin. 

Join me in this first guest episode to hear how Roger conquered his demons and turned his life around, as he struggled with bulimia, alcohol and self-acceptance. 

A story that has the potential to be doom and gloom is in fact warm, funny and wise.

Episode Timestamps:

  • [02:23] - Dad’s ‘spare tyre’ comment
  • [09:26] - Roger’s food issues start: Laxatives, alcohol and bingeing 
  • [16:50] - Roger meets a robin
  • [21:15] - New beginnings
  • [28:50] - Regret, guilt and triggers
  • [31:29] - Stand-up comedy and everything changes
  • [33:25] - The Pillsbury dough boy
  • [41:00] - Roger’s Five Foods to an island

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